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Monday, December 3, 2007

Google Maps 2.0.5 on Nokia E65 - sweet

I’ve downloaded the most recent update of Google Maps 2.0 which comes with a new feature “MY LOCATION”. This enables you to find out where you are, based on your proximity to the closest mobile phone tower currently . In Australia, you can only get an approximate location based on the phone tower radius of 1.7km (from what I worked out). When you install this from, make sure you install to your phone memory as I had problems installing it to my memory card.

Google maps on your phone allows you to get directions from one location to another. If you searched for example, Los Angeles Airport, you can then press the main key on your phone to get options to find out how to get to/from Los Angeles Airport. An example below shows a person going from Milson's Point to Sydney Airport. The map first shows you a summary of the journey, then you can see the journey on the map, pressing "3" every time you get to a significant turning point in the journey to find out what to do next.

The searches I think have improved on this new version of Google Maps. If you look up “restaurants” you can toggle between the results by pressing 4 and 6. Zoom in on the map with 3 and zoom out with 1. Pressing 0 will get you to your Google Maps' "my location".

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  1. Hey mate i enjoy your blog here, but i have a few questions. You might actually be able to help me...

    Have the e65 with 3 and they dont seem to be able to help me out too much.

    No idea how i can access GPS Navigation on my phone at all... and figured you could help.

    Email me? -

  2. Sorry Matt, but the E65 doesnt have a GPS receiver built in. You will need to buy one but not sure which one to get or how much... maybe someone else can help with this question.

    The Google Maps application uses mobile internet which is costly unless u have a special plan. it then uses the phone tower you are connected to to show u ROUGHLY where you are (1.6km radius in Australia). I use google maps cos my plan includes some mobile internet and it saves me from having to get a GPS receiver.

  3. Ah ok... spewing then! Would have been handy to have GPS working on the phone.

    Am assuming though with some form of Bluetooth GPS device, that you could just use navigation to get you around? Fairly certain that does not require internet access....

    Recently got some water damage in the phone too, instantly voided the warranty apparently. Which sucks because it was moisture, not rain or anything. Phone was locking up but managed to scrape off the rust etc and its not going well - touch wood.

  4. Hey mate, you can get a Bluetooth GPS receiver from Not sure which one's are the best, as I've never done it. But I'll tell you what, I am tempted, as it would be handy to have Nokia Maps working in navigation mode.

  5. Nice blog!
    Quite useful for E65 users:-)
    Just voted!
    I used a GPS receiver with my e65,but was quite disappointed about the results...(graphically speaking) and did not could make Google Earth work...I am in Spain, and use vodafone, so I don't intend to use the provider service to conect to internet or use it as "GPS".Spain is one of the most expensive countries in mobile telephony in Europe. If you have any tips for me(software with a nice GPS interface)...I will come back "later":-)
    I had an Acer N50, and used to edit my own maps of my town.I was funny.
    Have a nice time "down under" If you are "there"(sorry, I did not find your name and I am not sure were you are.)

  6. Thanks Anonymous :) Appreciate your feedback and your contributions to this discussion on Google Maps. I'm still contemplating and sourcing a GPS receiver.

  7. Hey, I just got an E65 and dowloaded Google map. If I buy a GPS receiver, will I still be forced to use the internet(Wifi or 3G) to get the maps or will the GPS receiver sufficient? In brief, is it gonna be free? Happy to have discovered your blog. Well done!

  8. The older version of of Google Mobile Maps had a connect to GPS function under the menu. The new version 2 does not. In the older version you can active the bluetooth GPS receiver with with the command. Google help menu said My Location (beta) can active bluetooth GPS modules but I cannot find the beta or this function anywhere. But once you have GPS module, it is free.

  9. Thanks for your answer. I actually have the Google Maps version. Nevertheless, I have the choice to use the GPS via Bluetooth. But still, I don't understand how my mobile phone could get the Google maps and use them to find its way without using any internet connection except the GPS device. I reckon it can't keep in memory the whole lot of maps...?
    Hope someone will be able to help me.

  10. The maps will always need to be accessed online (for now). The best way to use GPS without internet is to download the Nokia Maps for the city that you need. It will be stored on your phone so you wont need an internet connection. The GPS will just tell you where you are on that map. Hope that helps.

    M IN INDIA !!!

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