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Thursday, January 10, 2008

What's new in Nokia E65 Firmware update 2.0633.65.01

So what's new in the firmware update?

E65 (RM-208) 2.0633.65.01 Firmware Changelog

New supported features

* VoIP Release 2.1
* Secure VoIP support
* Emergency call extensions: location information and WLAN support
* WCDMA VoIP improvements: when terminal is in WCDMA coverage with VoIP capability, VoIP readiness indicator is visible
* Intellisync Call Connect for Cisco v1.1 support
* Intellisync Call Connect for Alcatel v2.0 support
* Usability improvements:
* Possibility added for end user to call from Phonebook Internet telephony field (number based address) to CS B party
* Improved handling of #,* and other characters in username part, e.g. if the user wants to use temporary CLIP or CLIR by dialing *31# or 31#
* Long caller address will be shown in two lines
* Support for pause (p) and wait (w) characters added
* Phone is more stable during VoIP call when walking out of WLAN coverage and returning to coverage area
* Start media port default value and default end media value changed.
* SIP Registration improvements in bad WLAN coverage
* The user can use hidden WLAN networks from EasyVoIP without making the access point first somewhere else
* If user selects a hidden WLAN network (from options or from a plug- in which requires an IAP), user is asked for:
1. Network name
2. Select secure mode: "Open network, WEP, WPA/WPA2"
3. "WEP key for WLAN" (if WEP chosen), or "Pre-shared key for WLAN", in case of WPA/WPA2
* Domain address handling improved:
* Domain part of VoIP address is not stored / visible in call logs if terminal parameter for this functionality is active. Removing of domain address part in MT case will be done only, if user part contains only numbers (i.e. E.164) or if URI parameter user=phone exists. Provisioning parameter has been added to define the logic.
* Call back (i.e. recall) from call logs is possible to either VoIP or CS number based address. For MO VoIP calls terminal will add automatically domain address, which is a default domain address
for that specific VoIP profile.

Easy VoIP improvements
* Possibility to connect shared mode networks using Easy VoIP

General VoIP functionality improvements
* Call can be cancelled if the user calls to wrong address
* Call transfer improvements
* DTMF handling improvements
* Call Hold handling improvements
* OMA DM: VoIP codec management improvements
* OMA CP improvements
* Improvements in NAT traversal
* VoIP calls using Contact formatted numbers improved
* IOP improvements

* Number of APs is increased on the WLAN scan list
* vBlank page was opened on first time usage of WLAN access point.
* Wlan scan API change from read only to read-writable
* Number of WLAN scan/roam retry attempts increased
* WLAN scan stability improved
* Changes to WLAN channel usage
* Functionality improved in situation when switching APN from 3G to WIFI during streaming
* Usage of WPA with Netgear wireless router improved
* WLAN connection reliability improvement
* WLAN Wizard functionality improvements

Device management
* Added interoperability with Pointsec application
* DM: Workspace buffer size increased for SyncML messages
* Device lock activated after boot
* Device Management performance and stability improvements
* Security improvements

The following new requirements have been included
* OMA DRM v1.0 (Full support)
* Priority change for Intellisync active idle plugin
* Folder shortcut enabler
* Blackberry disconnect icon update
* New Theme variations added

* Improvement to echo cancellation
* Improved interoperability with BMW Bluetooth carkit

* Email connection closing/disconnecting improved
* DRM content handling in Attachments improved
* When all PDP contexts are used in MMS, queries are shown
* SMSC is re-read from SIM after switch on if IMSI has been changed
* Email roaming in offline mode modified
* 4 digit port numbering enabled
* SMS flowing functionality improved
* SMS Time Stamp functionality improved
* Improvements to Instant messaging functionality

Calendar / PIM
* Improvement of recurring meeting updates
* On Domino, non-standard recurrences show up correctly on the device

Office tools
* Enhancement of Message reader to match message sender name in the phonebook

Backup & restore
* Backup/restore functionality of BB client idle plugin updated

* Standby (idle) functionality improvement

* Improved functionality of Team Suite (When the user wants to drop one participant during conference call, UI remains in-call view and not going to Team Suite)
* Alcatel Voice Client ‘Options’ in In-Call menu changed to beginning of In-Call menu.
* Busy tone improvement when call is cancelled or number is busy
* DTMF performance improved
* Supplementary Service Activation denied when FDN Activated
* Corrections to call diverting functionality
* Improvement to Enhanced Line 2 functionality

Web browser
* General WEB Browser stability and interoperability improvements
* Browser memory handling improved
* Saving of downloaded images corrected

Wap browser
* General WAP Browser stability and interoperability improvements
* Page rendering corrections (e.g. in business mobile page)
* Color codecs improvements
* A message popup informs user about the failure of packet switched connection failure
* Improvements to handle Java-midled installation from GoTo address field or from SMS
* SL push message handling updated
* Sending of WAP HTTP header information to web servers corrected

* Improved 3G cell reselection
* Socket stability improvement
* When Exit is pressed from browser data connection is also terminated immediately. Before fix browser was closed, but it took some time until connection was terminated. (RKAN-6VXJBP)
* Improvement in reconnecting to live video stream
* IAP group handling updated
* Live and MPEG4 streaming corrected
* 3G Homezone wildcarding correction
* Mobile VPN Client connection improvements

* BMP download supported on DRM
* welcome application
* startup settings: access point database update
* Corrected interoperability problems with Intellisync Mobile Suite, MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger applications
* Corrected stability issue with Download! Client
* Corrected usability issue in security lock / slide interoperability
* A case causing 'contact retailer' to be shown fixed
* Improvement to powerkey functionality in certain situations
* Improved call handling during streaming
* . -key fix in Bopomofo input method
* Audio beeps at certain situations at more convient level
* Czech characters added
* Localizations added
* Lights are turned on when USSD message is received
* Improvement to SMSC number handling with certain SIM cards
* Improvement for phone lock code handling
* Improvement for certificate management
* Menu option "Delete operator settings" made removable
* Interaction between Team Suite and Contacts enhanced
* A unique name given to Watcher plugin thread
* Java installer improvements
* SIM ATK refresh enhancement
* Chinese In Device Search improved
* Printing of documents and pictures improved with Quickoffice
* Key handling functionality with Java corrected
* Operator name list updated
* World clock changes
* Memory handling related improvements
* Improvement to co-operation of the device and F-Secure application
* Localization changes
* Automatic settings configuration updated

Download it here and come back for more tips, tricks and hacks for your E65.

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  1. Where did you get this changelog information?

  2. Hello, I just installed the new firmware and I think it's slowing down operations and menu zapping.
    I noticed it very much when installing new programs and dealing with settings such as Profiles.

    Tips and help to:

  3. How can you install new firmware?? NokiaUpdtaer does'nt detect my E65!!

  4. It did detect mine. It always does. Try going to Nokia PC Suite, Help --> Reinstall PC Suite Support on your phone. Continue on the phone. Maybe it helps.

  5. i occasionally go through ur e65 blog and its really nice.. im on gprs and typing on my e65 so will keep it short.. should i upgrade my firmware. u say it slows down phone.. already the phone feels kind of slow.. if at all u recommend upgrade can i bring phone bak to old firmware?? thank u.. u r doing a very good job!


  6. "Improved interoperability with BMW Bluetooth carkit"

    I don't see any improvement! Still can't access the addressbook through the BMW iDrive interface!

  7. This is a big bug with new firmware on E65. Before i installed the new firmware, my wifi connection working well. The browser, Fring, GMAIL are all well via WIFI.

    I have updated my E65 firmware to version 2.0633.65.01. There is a problem connecting fring & browser via wifi (It Fails to connect, not a chance at all). However, fring works fine when i connecting via 3G.

    WHat is the problem? Should it be the settings? Please advise.

  8. I think maybe there was an error in your updating the new firmware. Definitely not a firmware fault as my WIFI works fine after the update

  9. "Improved interoperability with BMW Bluetooth carkit"

    I have a 2005 3-series

    Not only doesn't my address book appear, my car can't even detect my phone anymore..!

  10. Hi
    Can anyone help I updated the software on my phone but it isn't supported by my network yet! Is there anyway I can undo it???

  11. Not sure, maybe speak to your network people..

  12. There is a newer firmware version available, v3.0633.69.00. You can find the changelog here

  13. Hi!My mom Nokia E65 keep showing unable to install or update error when i am installing a theme or a there any way i can fix this ?thanks !

    my e-mail is

  14. I have "E" under my signal strength meter. Dont know what it is? Help!!!!

  15. Just some responses to some readers..

    Markr - probably a faulty antenna or a faulty network. E would probably mean that there is no signal available.

    John Chin - you are probably installing the wrong type of software. You need to install Symbian 60 3rd Edition software.

  16. My phone has just had a problem where on calling & recieving call my voice cannot be heard by the other end. It isn't on mute and my microphone still works as voice recorder is ok. Any ideas??

  17. Stephen - I have heard of this happening before. It could be a fault with the phone's microphone. Just continue to see how it goes and if things don't improve, your only other option is get it replaced. Has anyone else had this problem?

  18. Hello,
    Newest firmware is 3.0633.69.00 (6th February 2008).

  19. Can E65 use external memory 4GB?

  20. im prettty sure yes because i have 8 gig in there and its good

  21. After i have upgraded the firmware, my E65 could not read anymore chinese characters, may i know where to find the font ?

  22. Yes, I'm using 16GB class 2 from kingston.

  23. from to downnload e65 software and firmware some please guide abt it and how to install it

  24. Could u plz write about the process by which i can upgrade my firmware.plz plz

  25. how could i download the software?>