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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why blog Nokia tech tips?

I do it when I look at other people's blogs so you must do it too. I wonder what it is that made the person start or continue the blog that they have? Well, if you are one of the 100+ people who are subscribing to this blog, you've probably wondered why I started MyE65.

First of all I'm a very fussy person and choosing gadgets such as mobile phones can be a painfully slow process. Reading reviews, talking to people, seeing what is coming out in the coming months, figuring out the optimal time to make the purchase without buying too early to get ripped off and buying too late to get something soon becoming irrelevant. When I finally buy a mobile phone, its after a lot of meticulous weighing up of pros and cons. Since I so much time thinking through the purchase, I thought I might as well let other people benefit from what I've learnt. Hence the blog. I bought a Nokia E65 last year and stayed quite happy with my purchase.
Another reason is that I like exploring my gadgets thoroughly so that I know every feature, bug, functionality, tendency and shortcut. Its a simple philosophy - if you paid for it, its wasted if you dont use it to its fullest capacity!

If it took me 20 minutes or two weeks to figure something out about My E65, why not share it so other people can save that time? Its about being a responsible member of the internet community. If I benefit from people's websites about a new digital camera or reviews on books, then I should either do my bit or support those people that are giving me advice. You pay an accountant for financial advice, lawyers for legal advice but everything online is free? Either trade in your skillset or support those bloggers and webmasters out there. Some of you save hours or days from trying to work out something that has been shared here. Maybe it was a problem with Youtube on E65, a problem with GMAIL for mobile that the Nokia site won't necessarily talk about, or maybe you were trying to find a password for your MMC card. If you have benefitted, maybe you can give back something to the internet community by starting a blog about something few people know. Add your blog to the comments below THIS post to show fellow readers how diverse we are here. The filter on shameless self-promotion is lifted for this particular post so promote away.

If you feel like you are already being paid for your skills, maybe as an accountant, plumber, journalist or doctor, maybe your contribution can be in the form of encouragement to the existing internet community in financial or textual form.. we'll talk about that in a later post.

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  1. is there any new software tat i can get for this phone??? the phone speaker is not good, the camera says its 2mp but i think a vga cam is better... the keypad lights also do not work...


  3. Hi.I have one E65 since may 2008. It was ok, nothing amazing, but ok. Last night I was updating my firmware(I guess it was the firmware, it was all thru nokia PC suite and Nokia software updater. Everything was fine until I sincronized after reinitiate it, to recover all my saved data back in the phone. A start up error message appeared, and a "contact with the dealer"message. I've tryed all those key combinations to reset it, but it won't reset.Without the SIM it starts,with the 3 buttons pressed(power,grenn,*,and the 3)I can see all the data in this "offline mode"conected thru Nokia PC suite, but when I open the nokia software updater, it says "insert SIM" to install the update again. With the sim, the phone don't open in "offline mode". Guess it is dead,right?
    The country is Spain, the operator is Vodafone.

  4. how do i add a smiley to a sms?
    cannot down load phone book to car when paired
    i have a 2010 audi a4

  5. cant read my messages, cant install programmes and m emory card corrupt but works well on every other phone.