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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fring - VOIP and MSN Messenger for Nokia E65

Check out if you are attempting to use the VOIP feature on the Nokia E65. The set up is pretty straightforward but one warning should be shared - sometimes finding the connection type can take a long time. If you are intending to install this program, you will need to surf to the fring website on your mobile phone. I have found this program to be pretty good for using MSN Messenger on your phone. Saves the time waiting for your computer to boot up.

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  1. Using Fring everyday on my e65 for skype, facebook, gmail and twitter.. This is a must have on this phone

  2. i´m using nimbuzz instead, it works better and handles the same protocols... it also have better integration with the phone address book

  3. fring sucks compared to using the integrated SIP capabilities of your phone.

    also, fring is annoying as an IM client - it always shows you as available (ie, never goes to idle).

  4. I have installed fring on my Nokia E65. I have found facebook and others but I do not see skype. Please tell me how I can use skype with fring.