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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Free WIFI hotspots around Australia - see them on google maps

So you find yourself in Australia with your Nokia E65 or laptop and you want to find out what you can do in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney but you realise... you need internet!

One of the advantages of having the Nokia E65 is the WIFI access you can get and its better when it is free! Connect to the internet by getting yourself to these locations with your E65 around Australia (or your laptop). These hotspots are free for iiNET customers if it is a tomizone hotspot. Login using your iiNET username and password and get 100mb / month free at any tomizone hotspot.

If you know of other free WIFI hotspots in Australia, you can add them to the comments of this google map. As this list is by no means comprehensive, every contribution you make to the list will make it more and more useful so bookmark that page and keep your Nokia E65s searching for new free Wi-Fi locations around Australia (ok why not, the world too).

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EDIT: There are new free wifi hotspots in Sydney. Every public library in Sydney now has free WIFI! Read more about it here. Also, there is talk about the buses in Sydney trialling free WIFI so look out for that too.

EDIT: In Perth, it will soon be possible to look up public transport on Google Transit which will mean that you can stop at the Alexander Library in the City and plot your next destination from your free WIFI connection.

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  1. There's free Internode Wi-fi at:

    Un Caffe Bar
    368 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, Vic

    Un Caffe Bar
    Ground Level Kiosk 2
    Melbourne Central
    211 La Trobe Street
    Melbourne, Vic

  2. In Caloundra, Queensland anyone can connect to ADSL2 hotspot for a quick free 5min email check. Longer connections from $6/hr. 24/7 access.

  3. When in Swan St Richmond, you can get free wifi available at:

    Grandma Funks Cafe
    256 Swan St
    Richmond Victoria

  4. Hamilton Island - Resort Centre - Catseye Beach

  5. All of the new McDonald's Free WiFi hotspots are listed and updated daily at the following site:

  6. i want a cellphone nokia, buy i have not money

  7. G'day,
    I think I may not be using this blog correctly. Please let me know.
    Can any one tell me why I ended up with two entries in much of my contact list (One 'Private Synchronization' and the other 'Public') when I updated my contacts through Ovi?

  8. probably because ovi is a pain, i use PC Suite

  9. Thanks anonymous,
    I had some problems with PC Suite and thought that Ovi had solved them. It seems to do things a bit easier. But...... this duplication is a problem. Does it mean that I have to go through my contacts one by one and eliminate the ones I don't want? Should I get rid of Public or Private and what is the difference anyway?

  10. There is now a free wireless hotspot in the Food Court at the Queen Victoria Market. It is provides by Internode. The location would be corner of Queen and Victoria Streets, Melbourne