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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Top 5 Applications for Nokia E65 Phones

IMHO these are the top 5 free applications you can download for your Nokia E65, E61, N95 or any Symbian phone.

1. Google Maps - With a good data plan, you can know where you are in the world, how to get to your next destination, how far and how long that will take, what shops are nearby, where "New York" is in the US, what the top of your house looks like and all without the use of GPS!! (Now I know i made the right decision not to go with the N95). Read more here about Google Maps.

2. Gmail - Within 20 seconds, you can know what emails are waiting in your gmail (or in any POP3 account registered with your GMAIL account, see this link for more details). You can search for someone's address when they emailled it to you, check the time for an event, draft an email to someone (bluetooth keyboard wouldbe good for this), or just alleviate your boredom waiting for a bus, a friend, a meal to be served or just to overcome an awkward situation :) Read more here about Gmail

3. KJV Go Bible - Let's face it, with the Bible available online, on TV, at every hotel, school and prison in the world, you have no excuse come the day you die and face God that you never got the chance to receive the pardon for all your sins through Jesus Christ. There is now an application called Go Bible which you can install on your phone and even search for verses on a topic or using a certain word. If you ever forget your Bible when you go to Church, you probably wouldnt have forgotten to bring your phone.

4. Fring - Turn your mobile into a VOIP phone when you are at home or somewhere a free WIFI hotspot is available. Also you can log onto MSN without booting up your computer. Read more here about Fring.

5. YouTaggedMe - Got a message to proclaim to all the people you walk past? Try YouTaggedMe which brings bluejacking to a whole new level. The program sends to everyone with their bluetooth switched on a message from you as defined by you. This obviously can be used for good or evil. Don't be evil!

There are other programs which I thought are quite good but require registration and hence money, such as the XS2theworld travel series which provides simple phrases in another language, speaking on your behalf to a shocked host. If you find yourself in Bangkok wanting to say "too expensive", let your phone loudspeaker speak for you! Read more here . Then there is Handy Alarm, QuickOffice and many more... but if you have discovered a program which you absolutely love, please leave a comment to share with the rest of the class.

Also YouTube would have been on this list if it worked for me.. see this post for more.

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  1. there are two apps that i cannot live without...

    symtorrent and symella

    i cant believe they are not on the list!!!

    if you dont know.. symtorrent is a bittorrent client for mobile and symella is a gnutella client.. now i really dont have to switch on my pc for anything.. audio video ebooks.. anything!!! i have everything i want in my e65!! if u need more info abt these apps let me know.. i will be glad to help or just search on google..

    thanx to budapest university of technology and economics who have made these apps..

    the above is their site.. pls check it out.. it has links to symella as well...

  2. Sounds like an idea but I dont understand why you would want to run your phone battery down like that (sure you can keep it plugged in but still wouldnt this be a bit taxing on the phone?) If not, something worth considering.. dont you then have to transfer the downloaded program back to your computer anyway?

  3. I love opera web browser for mobile on my e65.

    And goosync to sync my e65 calandar with google calandar.

  4. Thanks for your tips.
    The 'search' function on the KJV of the bible does not seem to work for me although the 'go to' function works fine. Is anyone else having the same problem? I am using the Nokia e65.

  5. I had the same problem with the Go Bible application but a quick reinstall fixed the problem and the search function works again... if anyone has any ideas why this happens, please share hehe

  6. Many thanks mye65. I un installed and re installed the application and now it works.

  7. The problem is with the video player that doesn't support a lot of codecs

    Try CorePlayer (not free)

  8. hello, I have a new E65... I have a problem, I can't install google mail...after downloading has finish, it says "install failed"...what can I do ?!

  9. hey i guys plzz can u help me can u giv me reg code of total recal 3.0.1. ?plzz mail me in

  10. has Nimbuzz, which is a handy multi-network chat app. It can send pictures and other smallish files, plus a few other capabilities that I don't recall. Free, relatively painless install, and fun if not /entirely/ useful.

  11. PhysiologicalpreciousJuly 24, 2009 at 12:04 PM

    Physiologicalprecious said pls i want to know if i can download x ray scanner on my e65. Pls i need u guys to help me out. U can reach me by email And my mobile no: +2348060312414. I'll appreciate. Thanks.

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  13. my nokia e65 doesnt accept application of .sis format what should i do.

  14. guys pls my e65 dosn't acpt sis applications pls wt must i