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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sports Tracker Now Broadcasting your Workout LIVE

With a GPS enabled device, you can be cheered on by your training buddies as you are running around the Swan River and they are sitting in an office in New York. What really surprised me is that even in my sleepy town of Perth, Western Australia, there are people already logging their workouts on the Sports Tracker website (see below). The map shows people are joining up to Nokia Sports Tracker to broadcast where and when they ran/walked/canoed/cycled.

With the website, you can also:
  • Upload what photos or videos you took along the way
  • See where you reached your purple patch and ran like crazy
  • Share with people what you were listening to during your run on your mobile
  • Add training buddies to your sportstracker.
Just a word of caution: Don't broadcast your live workout if you are alone and if you are running from your home for obvious safety reasons.

Going on a run has never been so interactive and this really shows you what era we all find ourselves in. Check out and be ready to cheer on MyE65 the next time I take a run, or rather, walk along the river.

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  1. Love sports tracker!!

  2. Can this work without using the GPS... similar to google maps being able to use the cell tower info to find the location?