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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nokia PC Suite Calendar - the hidden gem for GTD

Are you an organising freak? Love getting things done efficiently? Nokia Calendar is your friend. Much of the action has recently been on MyE63 but today, we'd like to look at the Calendar for Nokia PC Suite. In one word, it's awesome! The recent update to Nokia PC suite was already mentioned here but we didn't do justice to the features of the in built Calendar.

The Calendar now looks like Microsoft Outlook's calendar which is a big step for Nokia. You can right click any day and add a new meeting, call or memo.
  • Views - You can view the calendar in a monthly screen, weekly screen or a day overview screen. Just like Google Calendar, they also have an Agenda view (called List view in Nokia Calendar) which allows you to see all your appointments line by line. This is especially useful to
  • Duration Selection - If the appointment that you are adding runs for for a certain length, you can select the timeslots that the appointment will take up and press enter to add details of the meeting. eg In the 7 day view, select 4 timeslots in a row to create a meeting 2 hours long.
  • Double-click to edit - To add or edit any entries, just double click the date or timeslot and the details screen will pop up for a new appointment.
  • Immediate update to phone - As soon as you are finished with your update and you save the entry, it is now in your phone. Saves a lot of thumb work entering new meetings etc via PC suite.
  • Sort calendar entries - In the list view you can also even sort calendar entries by appointment type, subject, location, description, start date, end date, alarm state, alarm time or even whether the entry recurs.
So what are we missing? One problem with the Nokia Calendar which stops it from replacing Outlook is that you cannot print the screen that you see. For example, you can't just print out the agenda for the next 10 days because there is no print option. You need to screen capture it and print it out that way... not sure why this was not built in but maybe in the next PC Suite build.

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  1. You may want to fix the link to the previous mention (already mentioned here)...

  2. In Nokia PC Suite Calendar, I set up a meeting that repeats every day. I can then edit "this instance only" for a particular day on the phone, but I can't see how to edit one instance only on the desktop/PC Suite-- it changes every instance.

    Is there a way to edit individual instances of meetings on the PC Suite?

  3. The backup feature in Nokia Suite is also better because when taking backup with Ovi suite it appears to take all the included stuff on your phone with it as well. I'm not sure if that's all the sample pictures, ring tones etc. AND the software you downloaded to your phone, e.g. Google Maps, Nokia Suite etc. but it simply never ends backing up - not on bluetooth anyway and all this when selecting "phone specific backup".