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Friday, June 29, 2007

Why Nokia E65? - VOIP!

In Australia, most mobile plans are cap plans so this might not be as attractive a feature as it is in other countries. VOIP allows your mobile phone to connect to your VOIP or SKYPE account and call locally and internationally at a fraction of the price that you pay on your mobile plan.

The other day I was in a suburban shopping centre and noticed that there was a WiFi network about. I tried surfing the net and it worked! Then an idea came into my head... do you think I can call someone using my VOIP account even though I am not at home? I loaded up Fring and my MSN contacts loaded up. Cool! MSN in the shopping centre! Anyway, back to the VOIP.

I scrolled down and tried calling my sister, the program asked if I wanted to make an Internet or a Cellular call... Internet! A few seconds later, I heard it ringing! Later she asked me, "how come you were calling on from a land line?" *grin* It worked. The call cost me 15c under iiNET's VOIP plan.

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