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Friday, August 10, 2007

Delete words from Nokia E65 Dictionary

I've looked high and low on the internet for a solution and there doesn't seem to be one for the Nokia E65. For the N95 apparently the dictionary can be TAUGHT what words you use the most and it will come up as the first word when using predictive text, however, if you are silly
enough to put IOU into the dictionary, typing "got" has just gotten that much harder. I don't know what situation I was in when I somehow added UIF to the dictionary which now renders "the" a second class word in the dictionary, requiring me to press * to get to that word. VERY VERY frustrating!! You can imagine the confusion when I inadvertantly say "have you iou money?" rather than "have you got money?" If anyone knows a way to delete words from the dictionary please reply to this message! I know you can format the phone but I'm not that keen on that idea.

EDIT: A solution has been found! Read this post!

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  1. Just got my E65 myself - great phone.
    Regarding the dictionary, on previous phones there was only space for 10-20 words and eventually old words "fell off" the end of the user words list. According to page 14 of my E65 manual this is still the case, but it doesn't say how many words will fit.
    So to get rid of UIF you will have to add lots of other words - I suggest they are long ones so that they don't come up too often.

  2. Fingers crossed someone can sort this out...I was excited when I searched and found this topic but alas no answer as yet!

    I have a friend named Kurt which is an unfortunate key stroke combination when I want to type the word "just".

    kurt around the corner....

    Will kurt be a few minutes late....

    Given the fact I type "just" a heap more than I use Kurt's name, a solution will be a godsend!

    Let me know if you have any luck with the adding more words solution richard proposed.

  3. like the last poster I found this blog in Google and thought I found the answer.
    I haven't "added" any words (like IOU) consciously, but get this, the E65 seems to "learn" words I use, when I type them out one letter at a time. The next time I use those characters it's there as a word, despite some being one off acronyms I would never want to add to the dictionary. Can anyone help with this? how can I turn this off?

  4. If you have accidentally added a word like UIF or IOU, here's the fix :-)

    Go to the spelling option on your phone and add the word you want to appear first. So you want THE to appear before UIF, sure, spell THE and it will be first again!

  5. Forget what I said... It only seems to work for words with 4 or more letters....

  6. I accidentally added yot somehow which means everytime I type you .. yot comes up first, annoying. However I tried Robin's suggestion and tabbed words until it asked me to spell, once the spell option came up I typed in you and it seems to be the first option now. Unfortunately the same solution doesn't seem to work for a word with two letters (I shouldn't have added IP.. makes typing 'if' annoying'.

  7. My firmware has just recently been updated so I hope i dont accidentally add dumb words in again like before. I think i tried that technique and it didnt work. Can someone confirm? As I said, I dont want to add in a new word just yet.

  8. C:\Predic\

    That's where you should look.

  9. there is no such directory called c:\predic in my phone..

  10. I've got a 5800 Xpress music.

    Get exactly the same problem.

    When the HELL did I ever input "viat" instead of "that". Ridiculously irritating. Multiple other words that also come up as nonsensical crap that my phone just seems to invent, and then pick as a preferred word.

    Never had this problem with Sony Ericsson. It's made using my phone an absolute chore, as although it seems like a small thing, it's persistent and annoying. There are other irritating aspects with the interface usability of the 5800 too, this is just one of many.

  11. i have a Nokia n 8. I accidentally typed in the word hoy instead of how. This is how i fixed it . I typed the word how like 8 times in a row and apparently the phone "learned " this word. Now every time i want to write the word HOW. it comes in the first option