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Friday, February 15, 2008

Nokia E65 Dictionary Hack FINALLY found

Predictive texting is a great feature.. until you inadvertantly add a word like uif in the dictionary. Now, every time you want to type "the" by pressing 843, you get "uif" instead. In an earlier post, there didn't seem to be a fix for this. I am not sure whether it was because I upgraded my firmware but a suggestion made by someone else now works.

If you want the dictionary to predict a certain word, press * until the OPTION menu becomes SPELL.

Select SPELL and add "the" for example, back into the dictionary. now every time you type 843 with the predictive text, it will give you "the" as the first option when you press 843 instead of "uif" or whatever other word you

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  1. I have inadvertantly overwritten my own name (Ann), which as you can imagine, is rather frustrating, but when I tried to add it back in, it hasn't made a difference. I've tried this with other words and it's been fine. I'm wondering if there's a limit on how many words can be stored for each key combination and I've managed to fill it or something... Anyway, do you or anyone else have any suggestions of what I can do?

  2. It's fixable, just get y-browser. Or any other browser, install it to your phone, run it, find C: on your phone, find the predic folder and delete the file. I did it, and it wipes your dictionary. A easy solution, all you have to do is re-add your custom words.

    P.S. Do it at your own risk. I did it cause I didn't care if anything went wrong.

  3. Jimmy: Thanks for that. It works! Found some other advice which suggested you need to delete the whole folder, then restart the phone (did that).

    Now I can type you instead of yot again. :)

    Note: It does also delete ALL other learned words (leaves the built in dictionary untouched).

  4. Thank you so much Jimmy. It worked on my Nokia C5-00. It does for any s60 V3 and V5 I guess as long as you use the correct y-browser. I did what outbreak monkey said.