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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Why Nokia E65? - Hash for Hush how to silence ur phone quickly

One useful feature that I found myself using a lot is the # key which you can press and hold down to change your phone to SILENT mode and back out to GENERAL mode. Very useful when you are going into a Church or theatre, rather than pressing down on the OFF key and having to wait for your phone to reboot later (and we all know how long THAT takes!!!)

Another feature which I should add as another post but I won't is the SILENCE mode which you can switch to when people are calling you. Imagine you are in a great conversation with someone and before the other person realizes that your phone is going off, you want to turn it off... but you don't want ot upset the person by rejecting their call (that's so rude!) so you can press the right navi key and stop the phone ringing and vibrating.

EVEN BETTER is the send SMS feature. You can preset an SMS to send to people when you want to let them know u cant take the call now but you will call them back. Also very professional feature.. so you don't lose business contacts and friends just because they called at a bad time... well hope you find those tips useful.

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  1. Just a general comment for you...
    I just got an E65 and have found your blog very handy... I will be checking in frequently to see what I can kearn and hope to be able to contribute.

  2. Stupid question I know, but I have the latest firmware and I can't seem to find the silence key. I tried the right navi key, it doesn't nothing and if I press the central key, all I get is reject or answer...

  3. The latest firmware wouldnt have changed the operation of the silence key. If you are talking about the mute button, it should still be the key under the phone book key on the right of the phone, above the "C" key.

    If you are talking about turning the profile to silent, the hash key still works for this. Alternatively, you can press down once on the power button on the top of the phone and select silent on that menu.

  4. I meant this "you can press the right navi key": on my E65, it does nothing...

  5. Made some progress: to get the menu I need to enable the "anykey answer", that said, I only get to choose between Answer and Reject...