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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Why Nokia E65? Quick email checker

I am not sure if I shared this tip/hack yet but your Nokia E65 can be set up to check your email just by going into the Messaging section of the phone. When you can't sleep and you want to check your email (cos u can) just reach out to your phone and in a matter of seconds you will see what emails are waiting for you. Since this phone can view PDF DOC and even XLS files, it makes email a very useful feature for the phone.
One downside is when using GMAIL application, the program does not allow you to save attachments to your phone and open it properly. Instead when you open up an XLS file using Gmail it comes out in a strange format. This is more the fault of the GMAIL app than that of the phone but I just mention this as many of us would have the gmail app set up :) If you havent tried this, surf over to with your phone.

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