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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Google Maps 2.2 finally supports the E65

As mentioned earlier, Google Maps for Mobile 2.2 now enables you to search for directions to get to a destination using buses, trains and other forms of public transport. This of course only applies to cities that have been mapped by Google Transit (see to see if your city is covered). When you select DIRECTIONS, press the right button to get to the Public Transport tab. Enter your current location and your destination and Google Maps will show you where to catch the nearest bus. You can also specify what time frame you would like to arrive or leave by and the results will be adjusted to give you the best public transport option available.

From the Google Mobile site, they have the following to say about other new features in 2.2. Star-ratings for businesses will help you get a feel for what other people think, your search results show up faster than ever, and user-generated content will now surface in your search results -- opening up a whole new world of geo content on your phone. Look for the blue result markers when you search for "ruins in london," for example.

Now that its available to the Nokia E65 and other Symbian 60 devices, head over to and download Google Maps for Mobile 2.2.

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  1. Hi, what's better. Google maps or Nokia Map. I just bought the E65 and I'm not quite sure on what to install... Thank you! (by the way, nice Blog)