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Friday, August 1, 2008

Google Maps 2.2 on Nokia E65

I've just tried installing onto my E65 the new Google Maps supposedly 2.2 (but 2.02 when I am installing it). After installing and tryingto run the program, a blank screen flashes on and then closes, bringing me back to the stand by screen for the E65. Go to and install the new Google Maps. If you are a Nokia user (in particular if you are an E65 user) leave a comment here and let us know whether you were more successful than we were...

Edit: I uninstalled the old Google maps and went to to try install from there and it worked. So if people are having difficulty, try delete the old version of Google maps and/or try downloading from this address via your phone. More about Google Maps 2.2 later..

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  1. Hi, on my E65 Maps installs as 2.02(0) in cleanly replaces the old 2.00.

    After starting Google Maps identifies itself as and works just fine ;)


  2. Hi, it happens the same in my E65, but I notice the icon has changed from the compass icon to the new one you can see in

  3. I had problems with my e65, however I uninstalled the old ggogle maps and then installed the new one over the air. It works fine.BTW thanks for this website. It's great.

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