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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Reminders using Camera

I’ve mentioned earlier that Bluetooth can be used to automatically synchronise calendar, notes, contacts etc with your computer and your phone. Also I think I mentioned that you can automatically upload your photos from your phone to the computer via “STORE IMAGES” feature in the Nokia PC Suite. One cool thing that the PC Suite can do is when it stores new photos, they can load up those photos in the NOKIA multimedia player so you can see the pictures straight away. But did you realise you can use this feature as a REMINDER tool?


Lets say you have a bill that you need to pay online. Rather than set up a calendar reminder, you can take a photo of the bill and when you turn on your computer and your phone is nearby, the phone and computer will sync and automatically load up the picture of the bill that you need to pay. On seeing this you can remind yourself to pay the bill. Interesting use of the camera?

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