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Friday, October 26, 2007

Why Nokia E65? Check ANY email on ur phone quickly

If you have a GMAIL account and an ok data plan, you can use your phone to go to to install the GMAIL application for your phone. Once it is set up, you can check your gmail account just by running the application. 
If you are using another POP3 email account (eg with an ISP like iinet, bigpond or optus), you can set a rule in your microsofy outlook (or other email software) to automatically forward a copy of all incoming emails to your GMAIL account. That way, assuming you have a server or you leave your outlook on at home, you can check your email from your phone, just by opening up the GMAIL application. This is handy if you are expecting an important document and
1. you need to see the content while on the road or
2. you need to forward it to someone else urgently
DISCLAIMER: The GMAIL application does require a connection to the internet through your mobile phone provider so it will cost you. The advantage of this application is that you may be charged more for use of a POP3 account to check your email from your phone, directly from your ISP. However, the GMAIL app only requires a WAP connection. Even better, if you have a free WiFi connection detected by your phone, you can connect to that and check your email for free! Sure you may be able to connect to your ISP email account via a webmail account but then you have to type in your login and password using your phone!
Another word of warning, GMAIL app for mobiles does not allow you (at the moment) to save your attachment. That means excel spreadsheets get warped by the GMAIL viewer on your phone and you cant use your mobile office program to edit or view the files that you get off GMAIL.. Hopefully this will change soon.

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