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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tip: E65 Faster Data Transfers via Cable

I am sure most E65 users were glad to know that the E65 came with a data cable to connect the phone to any PC via a USB port. This means that we can transfer files faster than using bluetooth. However, every time that you connect your phone to the computer, the phone always asks us whether we want to connect to DATA TRANSFER or PC SUITE. Sure, you havent thought twice about this prompter. However... do you really need to be asked every time? I personally hardly ever use the DATA TRANSFER option.

In your phone under the menu CONNECTIVITY --> DATA CABLE you can choose to get your phone to connect via PC suite every time rather than being prompted. Likewise you can choose to make it default to DATA TRANSFER if that is what you only use your data cable. It may not seem like much but to the sanguines out there, that's one unnecessary key stroke eliminated!

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  1. Thanks for the info there regarding default cable connection. I don't use windows but use linux so the PC Suite option isn't of interest to me. One less keystroke!