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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

E71 Trial - What would an E65 user think?

Just a quick update from here. There has not been any posts on this blog recently as I am trialling a Nokia E71, the QWERTY smartphone that has received excellent reviews from around the internet.. so what would an E65 user think of the E71? Stay tuned.

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  1. I switched from E65 to E71 a few weeks ago.
    I'd say it was worth it!

    Only a not too small number of software bugs annoy me pretty much. I'm looking forward to the first update.

    I'm curious on your experiences with such issues.


  2. what bugs have you found???

  3. Hi. I had a Nokia E71 when it first came out. Great device crap phone. I even debranded it and installed the latest generic firmware. Still crap. Signal drop outs, could switch between 2G and 3G quick enough. I now have an E65 and it is much better. For any E65 owners don't do it. Keep your E65.