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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How to project your phone display on your computer?

Sorry, I don't have the answer for this question but after some aimless google searches, I decided to see if you all have an answer to this pertinent question. After using the program SMSDiary and finding its interface exceptionally useful, an idea came to mind. I would like to see if its possible to output the phone display onto the computer directly. This way, as text messages come through, they will appear immediately on the phone screen without needing to open the inbox. This can be useful if you use the phone to receive information from various sources. If it is possible for this to be outputted onto a computer screen, it could then be projected for example on a wall and people can see the texts as they come through.

Anyway, if you have an idea how the phone display can be outputted onto the computer screen (no, PC Suite does not do this) please reply to this post. Appreciate your help. Happy New Year to you all! Also let us know how your phone served your New Years Eve needs :)

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  1. Hi, your blog is great, congrats.
    Anyway, there are some programs that makes what you are looking for. Personally I use this
    Its name is Developer Expo, from Digia. And you can sync your phone to the pc via bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cable. It's very usefull when you haven't Pc Suite because basicly this program makes the same things, and also you can watch your phone screen on the pc. But all good things have a price, and this is not the exception; but you can download a free trial, to prove it and see if you like it or no.
    I hope I can help you with this. Take it as a way to thank you for making this great blog :)
    PD: Sorry for my bad english, I'm Venezuelan

  2. Thanks for your suggestion Wilmer, i tried to download the program, installed it on both the computer and mobile and when I ran the mobile program to try connect, it didnt connect. Instead it kept trying to connect in the background of my mobile that it drained my battery very fast. I've since uninstalled it from my phone until I figure out why it won't connect to the computer using Developer Expo.

    Appreciate your help anyway, and glad that this blog has helped you out :)

  3. Hi, the Image Expo program from Digia is really great as mentioned by Wilmer. ( I've used it with great success with my E65 using Wifi, bluetooth and USB cable. Great for showing off applications on a projector or a computer screen.

  4. You can also use Remote Professional ( for viewing and controlling your E65 from a PC. Bye, Ole =)