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Monday, December 22, 2008

When New Isn't Better - Nokia E65 Firmware 4.0633.74.0

There have been many comments on the Nokia Discussion board about the new firmware offering for the Nokia E65 4.0633.74.0 which have left this author a little concerned about whether or not to upgrade.

The improved featers in 4.0633.74.0 are:

  1. Security- Improvements to platform security
  2. VOIP- Interoperability improvements with Avaya server
  3. WLAN
    - Improvements to EAP-PEAP settings
    - Improvements to roaming
  4. Other Updates- Operator name database updated, Operator settings database updated, Time zones update for Venezuela, Slovenian character encoding improvements

Problems that have been mentioned in the forums associated with 4.0633.74.0 include:

- Backlight of the numeric keypad no longer works
- Annoying popup message on top of standby screen with ‘Show’ and ‘Exit’ options
- Significant battery drain
- Lost contacts (but this can be fixed by downloading this Nokia Contact Transfer)

I've decided not to upgrade my firmware as the risk doesnt seem to counter the potential problems.

It will be interesting to hear from you all whether:
1. You have decided to upgrade
2. Whether you notice any worthwhile changes not mentioned above

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I'll wait for fixes before upgrading.

  2. OMG my phone went for service this week. I wonder how it will return...

  3. Thanks for the heads up. Otherwise i would have just went through with the new update. I for one do not care about new features on the e65 now. I am more for the speed and responsiveness of the phone. The usual hangs and restarts take forever.

  4. Thx man, me too i will not upgrade to v4, i am very happy with this one.

  5. I've upgraded to the new firmware and the only the problem with the annoying popup occured. In the previous version there was a setting for this, that is no longer available... :(

  6. I have uprgaded before I read this tip and now I must recharge battery every second day. Pop up notice is totally unnecessary. If i knew what the result will be, I would not upgraded

  7. I updated before I got to reading this post.. T_T Now my keypad backlight is not working! You think there's a way to revert to the old firmware?

  8. Well, I already upgraded my E65 to 4.06.x couple of weeks ago. Another issue with is that Nokia does not have a compatible version of BlackBerry connect...

  9. - Annoying popup message on top of standby screen with ‘Show’ and ‘Exit’ options

    fix it with handy shell soft

    - Significant battery drain

    Really, very significant battery drain :(

    advise: dont upgrade.

  10. It's a joke or what ? Mine is working good with this firmware , everything is ok.

  11. 4.0633.74.0 firmware drains battery within 36hours ! brand new battery same issue :-(

  12. My battery drains in around 5 hours!! This is totally ridiculous, and I also lost my contacts. The only backup that worked was one back in October. I'm really starting to hate nokia. My E65 has had pretty bad sound quality since the start as well. I'm even starting to consider a crackberry or a sony phone.