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Friday, December 19, 2008

Sometimes its just a matter of minimizing screens

Now this problem may only be related to Nokia PC Suite

I have a problem sometimes when I disconnect the phone from the USB cable and when I connect it back again, the PC Suite does not recognise that the connection has been established. The phone (bless his heart) realises that PC Suite has been activated, but the computer doesn't. When I open the PC Suite, it doesn't show that there is a connection.

Guess what the solution is? Minimise all your windows with *WINDOWS BUTTON*+M and you will see a little dialog box that is causing all your problems... looks a little like this:

Once you click the tick, the connection resumes normally. It could be related to the Nokia Communication manager 2.0 which has been trying to install a Group DS application on my phone without any success.. if anyone has any ideas to add to this, please leave a comment. I hope that this post has helped someone anyway.

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  1. Need some help :(

    I updated my e65 on friday from v. 3.6 to the latest 4.6.

    Feels smoother, but i have a problem: my battary runs out after 10/12 hours, when before update it lastest 4/5 days.

    Is some else having the same problem? Any work around?

    Thanks in advanced

  2. Lots of people have complained about this problem. MD just left a comment in another post saying the same thing. No work around.. and I dont think you can undo a firmware update.. This is why following blogs like this are very important before you do something like upgrade your phone. Someone may have already made that mistake for you to learn from.

  3. You can check on the phone's application management to uninstall the "Contacts Group DS Plugin". Then when the phone connected, there'll be a reinstallation of the plugin.