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Monday, April 6, 2009

Mobile Websites You Should Bookmark on your Phone

It's good to have the internet on your phone but many of us don't see the point. Others only use it for the first few weeks of their phone plan and then realise that it is better to wait till you get home than to watch youtube on your phone. Some websites are small enough to keep you within your download limit but yet are extremely helpful when you are out and about. Bookmark this post if you are from Perth otherwise, find the equivalent useful websites for your local city.

Perth Traffic report: Find out how busy the Kwinana or Mitchell freeways will be as you walk from your office to your car. One annoying thing about the traffic reports on the radio is that usually when you need them, you just missed it. Cut out the middle jock and go straight to this website, which is where the radio stations get their road and traffic report data from.

Perth Bus/Train timetable: Check your smartrider credit as you walk to your bus or find out what time the next train or bus is.

Perth Rain Radar: Will it start to pour in the next 15 minutes or can you take advantage of a gap in the rain clouds in 20 minutes time? Find out by following this link. I've used this to check whether I should walk to my car or wait. It is updated every 15 minutes.

Perth Fuel Prices: You can check the fuel prices for the day on your phone before you fill up at this website. Alternatively, if you don't like having to load the website, subscribe to the daily emails and access the prices on your gmail application to your phone - prices will display in text only and save a heap on download charges.

Flight details - Qantas: Qantas and other airlines have WAP or mobile websites which you can use to check whether your friend has landed yet or whether your flight is delayed.

Mobile email - iiNET: Not with Gmail? Many of the mail providers will give you access to your email via a webmail feature. For example, iiNET mobile email website is (How short is that website address!!!) This will also provide WIFI locations around Australia and the world where you can access free internet with your iiNET login.

Am I getting ripped off? Staticice: I've checked the price of a product two minutes before I bought it using a website such as staticice, looking up the price to see whether it was reasonable or not. Worst thing is to get home and realise that you could have bought the product 20% cheaper so make sure you have a price comparison website bookmarked on your phone.

Is the product dodgy? Google: Google is a good way to quickly search the item you are about to buy and check whether any reviews have blasted it or praised it before you swipe your credit card. I hate the hassle of returning products so this is especially good for me. Save fuel and buyer's remorse with your mobile.

Got any more favourites? I'll add more as they come to mind.

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