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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What is it like to have a GPS enabled Nokia E65?

When I first purchased the Nokia E65, the biggest decision holding me back was whether I wanted to get a phone with GPS or not. I decided to get the Nokia E65 which doesn't come with GPS because

  • Not having GPS may save battery life
  • I wasn't going to spend $200 more just for GPS
  • Nokia N95 was much chunkier than a slim-line Nokia E65
  • GPS can always be added later with a GPS receiver

Over the past year or so, I've asked you all to keep an eye out for possible GPS receivers that work well with the E65. However, it was only last week that I finally purchased a GPS receiver. When I saw the Freedom Keychain GPS 2000, I was quite impressed with the size of it. It looked pretty sleek and with some quick googling, it seemed to be coming from a pretty reputable brand which also makes bluetooth keyboards.

How does it charge? How long does it last? It charges via a mini USB cable, or a car charger, both of which come included with the GPS. Lasts about 10 hours connected to a device apparently, I haven't tested that though.

So how does it work? You connect it to your E65 via bluetooth by opening up Nokia Maps, Google Maps or Nokia Sports Tracker and "Search for GPS device" or something to that effect. Turn on the GPS receiver and once the phone and GPS are paired, they connect when needed. To pair it, your phone will ask for a code, it is 0000.

Google Maps I have tried on my Nokia E65 Google Maps and Nokia Sports Tracker with the GPS receiver. Both worked very well and for a E65 user, it was quite exciting to see this humble little device speaking to satellites now! Google Maps allowed me to search for a destination and map out how to get there. Then I could just watch for the red marker move along the mapped out route. Search for various posts about Google Maps on the right of this window in the Google search bar.

The Nokia Sports Tracker also worked well. Truly this is one of the best applications Nokia has ever come up with. It is best if you are part stats junkie and part fitness junkie. This application records EVERYTHING about your workout, distance, altitude charts, pace, time, the route you ran etc. Then it records the details of the "workout" so that you can compare your progress to previous workouts. More about Nokia Sports Tracker here.

Nokia Maps I also tried Nokia Maps with the GPS, but not on the Nokia E65 as I was not sure whether the little one could handle Nokia Maps. I used the Nokia E63 and it worked perfectly, locking on to 9 GPS sattelites to keep me in check. Unfortunately for me, I don't have the voice navigation license so I couldn't tell you how that would go. More about Nokia Maps in my Nokia E71 review here.

Finally, I have to say that the Freedom Keychain GPS has been fun playing with it, and without the Nokia GPS receiver to compare it with, I can at least say that the Freedom GPS worked. Anyone know more about GPS devices compatible with Nokias? Leave a comment.

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  1. Great post, Sygic this great program for Gps.

  2. Sounds like a very neat unit. Have managed to locate a price online of $89 (AUD) plus postage. Does this sound reasonable, based on your own purchase?

  3. Not really, I can send a new one to you for $90 including postage if you want. Email mye65@, only have two brand new ones if one other reader is interested.

  4. Hi,

    i just got my freedom mini from ebay for $52.95 delivered from ebay, works great :D

    looking forward to use the sportstracker

  5. I bought a no-name brand from ebay and it doesn't work properly... and it's just been too much hassle to try to get a replacement.

    There are so many of these things... I could spend hours reading reviews and forums.

    It seems the Freedom 2000 is discontinued, unless you want to buy it from the manufacturer for about 60 pounds. It has an Australian RRP of over $150, so if you can find one for under $100 it's probably a good deal. I only found one supplier but they had no stock.

    In the end I've ordered the Nokia LD-3W from Ryda for about $118 including courier delivery. Given that this is a $150rrp unit, and the official Nokia device, I think that's not a bad deal. Although I've no basis for saying this, I expect the unit to be well built and reliable, if not particularly high performance. We'll see how it goes.

  6. Hi Matthew,

    Once you have tested the Nokia LD-3W, give us your thoughts about it.