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Friday, April 24, 2009

Nokia E63 on Three down to $19/month for first 12 months

Just a quick post to let everyone know that you can now get the Nokia E63 in Australia with Three for free on the $29 cap for 24 months with $10 off each month for the first 12 months (ie $19/month or 4 months free). 

Have a look at this post where we review the Nokia E63 and how it is a good alternative to the Nokia E71. The other day, there was an article about how to add GPS to a Nokia E65 or E63 and overcome the lack of GPS.

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  1. The E63 is firstly a very capable messenger. It supports 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi, but not HSDPA. Most people should find this sufficient for basic mobile browsing and email delivery, though the E63 isn't the phone you'll want to use for mobile broadband sharing with a PC.
    nokia e63 review