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Friday, June 27, 2008

Nokia E65 - Your Computer's New Remote Control via Bluetooth or WIFI

I mentioned earlier that Apple Iphone's bluetooth is severely restricted to audio headset use. They can get away with this because to many people out there, bluetooth is what you might get when you eat overly coloured fairy floss. Bluetooth is actually the ability for your phone to communicate with another device wirelessly such as a printer, computer, PDA or another phone. You could use bluetooth to send a contact, calendar entry, print job, file etc. I recently tried out a program called Salling Clicker. I was completely hooked when I realised that with this program's use of the bluetooth technology on Nokia phones, I can:

- Automatically lock my computer when I walk away from it.
- Control my computer's media player with my phone (change track, browse files, pause, play etc).
- See on my computer screen what number is calling my mobile phone
- Control a Powerpoint presentation
- View the next slide for the Powerpoint presentation
- Show a countdown of how long I have left for my presentation
- Move my mouse around on your screen from my mobile
- Shut down my computer from my phone
- Automatically pause my music coming from my computer while I answer a call
- Mute computer volume and then unmute when I hang up

AND Control all the above via bluetooth OR my wireless network!

The two outstanding features of this program for me is the fact that you can lock your computer by walking out of range of bluetooth from your computer. Once you wander away beyond the bluetooth wireless radius of 10m, the computer senses that it has lost connection with your phone and realises that this means it should lock up. Try do that with your car central locking system!!

The other outstanding feature is that you dont need to use bluetooth to connect your phone to the computer. You can use the wireless network in your house/office and connect to your phone through that! This means that if you have a network set up, and you wander away beyond your 10m radius for bluetooth, you can still shut down your computer or turn up the volume on your computer so that you can hear your music from another room. This program is definitely worth looking at if you are a gadget savvy E65 user that I assume most people are on here.

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  1. Amazing application! I bought the Mac version and it's impressive. It's ot only a remote because some features from your macbook are acessible from the phone. For example, you don't just jump to the next music on iTunes and see the info on the laptop screen. With this software you have your library on your phone! You can browse by artist, add to playlists, etc etc etc. You can control quicktime, vlc, iphoto, sleep the computer. etc etc etc
    Thanks for the tip

  2. I'm totally disgusted with Bluetooth on my E65. It keeps hanging with several different PC dongles - even after flashing to the latest Firmware.

    Its buggy as hell and you need to reset Bluetooth on the phone manually every time. 0/10 nokia.

  3. does it work for Nokia N97 too? n where can i download this app from?