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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Speaking SMS - All I had to say in 160 characters or less

The following are some tips from on what you can do to write concisely when preparing an SMS. Since each sms is only 160 characters long, here are some ways you can make your point and still stay within the "limit".

  • Every character counts, so use strong verbs and a minimum of adverbs - you just can’t afford to say in two words what you can say in one.
  • Avoid "big words". Almost every long word in English has a short, blunt word that means the same thing. Use it instead.
  • Forget about breaking your thoughts into two SMS. You have no control over how your SMS will get read or whether they will stay together.
  • Write first, then rewrite. It’s hard when you can feel that 160-character limit breathing down your neck. Spill it all out and then trim.
  • You can usually cut "that" and "which". "The toy train that my sister got for Christmas" can be "The toy train my sister got for Christmas."
  • Take your cue from Spanish (and Obama) and eliminate personal pronouns. "I am going to the Apple store" can be "Going to the Apple Store".
  • Write short sentences. They stand out more. You share a page with dozens of posts. Many short sentences looks like something worth reading.
  • Use punctuation! Many will tell you to rely on forceful words, not exclamation marks, but when words are limited, punctuation adds impact.
  • Be personal. Short SMS are very conversational but you have to remember to let the person know its personal.
  • Get to the point. Say what you want me to do and why I should do it. You have no room to build anticipation - cut straight to the chase.

More tips can be found in the original article here

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