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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Address book Hack: Change your friend's name to something useful

Just a lighthearted post... Did you know that you don't have to name your friend's number by their name? OK that was obvious but you would be surprised how many times someone calls you and you have no idea who they are, yet they are in your phone book. When adding their name, add some details about who they are at the end. If there is someone you don't like, maybe name their number "Don't pick up! Its ___ " Further application could be getting a friend to call you when they want to remind you of something for example, using their office phone, rename it "Picking you up in 5min".

You can also change your name on someone else's phone and maybe call them up later to send them an unusual encouragement or message. Imagine your friend calls you and your phone flashes "God still loves you" or "Don't just look at me, pick me up!"

On a similar note, you can use your address book to store information that is not confidential such as your Virgin loyalty card number or something like that. The first name can be Virgin and the Surname can be your membership number.

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