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Friday, June 6, 2008

Offering a cake you can't have yet.. Google Mobile Maps 2.2 introducing Public Transport

One thing I hate about public transport is not being able to change your plans without a timetable hanging out of your pocket. Now Perth's joins a list of cities which have bus, train and ferry timetables integrated on Google Transit, an online way to find out the best public transport route from A to B (see Now why is this mentioned on a Nokia E65 blog?

Well, Google has announced that Google Maps for Mobile 2.2 will include the ability to show public transport routes using Google Transit. However, while they have trumpeted the joys of this new feature... its not available at the time of this post for Nokia E65s... but go check on your phone and see if 2.2 has landed yet. If you can download it, come back and leave a comment that its available. This application will mean that if you find yourself in a suburb you dont know, you can use your mobile via Google Maps for Mobile to find a way home. Its convenient and makes public transport that little bit more accessible and... you're doing your bit for the environment going public.

Read more about this new feature at Google's own blog at

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  1. Google Maps 2.2 works on my Nokia 6233 and the public transport planning works really well. Well done Transperth for teaming up with Google on this!

  2. Great blog! I'v bookmarked ou. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Thanks Ricardo! Google Maps 2.2 still unavailable for E65..

  4. Google still hasn't come to the party for Nokia E65 users. Google Maps 2.2 is still not available on their website.