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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

33min Tour of Nokia Test Centre

Last post, we had a look at a recent visit to a Nokia test centre. This is where they put phones under extreme heat, cold, pressure etc to see if they are 'worthy' of being called a Nokia handset.

Some interesting statistics mentioned on All About Symbian:

  • "Kevin Smith, Rob Johnson and their team 'break' around 2000 production handsets PER MODEL tested. Staggering.
  • Each model has to pass over 200 different mechanical tests.
  • Temperature testing takes place from -40 Centigrade to +85 Centigrade, a 135 degree range!
  • The slow-motion camera used to film the drop tests runs at 100,000 frames per second, 2000 times faster than TV...
  • Nokia test phone keys, d-pads and other moving parts up to a million times. Each, i.e. per physical phone."
If you have 33 minutes to spare during your lunch hour, have a look at an extended version of the tour conducted by Nokia of their test facilities.

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