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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What makes E71 the Best Smartphone?

The Nokia E71 has received rave reviews from sites like Cnet scoring an editor review of 9.5/10 and selected as the top of the top in Wired online and on C|net as well. It is part of the next generation of E-series phones coming out at the same time as the Nokia E66 which could be said as the non-QWERTY version of the Nokia E71.

So how is the Nokia E71? It is firstly a very, very nice looking phone. Though the phone is a little wide, it is surprisingly thin. The E71 comes packed with the usual - GPS, 3.0 megapixel camera with LED flash, HSDPA (fast internet), excellent resolution with 16 million colours, wireless internet, bluetooth etc. You can get the whole list of specs here at the Nokia E71 page.

What makes E71 stand out? Firstly, its very professional looking. It has the blinking new sms / email / missed call notification which also comes with the E66. The GPS feature is very good when combined with Google Maps or Nokia Sports Tracker. The menus and functions are easy to navigate as with all Nokia phones. There is also the feature of having your SMS read out to you. You can also hold down certain buttons to select a different option to one which you just press the button so each button can be used to access two options.

What doesn't the E71 have? You can't turn it over to silence the phone or tap-to-silence feature which is available in the Nokia E66. It doesn't have the auto-rotation of display but with the E71 aimed at executives and professionals, it doesnt really need it.

So E71 or E66? It really depends on how much you want a QWERTY keyboard on your phone. I came to the conclusion that I would rather have the E66 because texting is a pain with a QWERTY keyboard. ALso, I like the predictive text which can make typing a message faster (for me). Also I find it quite annoying sometimes to have to press shift to access numbers on the QWERTY keyboard. However, other people may do a lot of word processing which they would rather have the E71. The buttons on the E71 are very small but easy to press and nicely designed.

Current Nokia E71 Users: Many of the Tips and tricks here at MyE65 also apply to the Nokia E71 so use the search on the right to find what you're looking for today.

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  1. How can I silence my Nokia E65 Qwerty keyboard? I would like to silence all the clicking sounds.