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Monday, November 10, 2008

Leo's Nokia E65 in "Body of Lies"

You're a mobile geek if you watch a movie and when you see a mobile phone, you get excited that they are using the same phone as you. In Ridley Scott's movie "Body of Lies" with Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio, Leonardo is seen chasing the Muslim terrorists with a Nokia E65 keeping him connected to the director of the CIA. The movie looks at a CIA operative trying to penetrate a Muslim terrorist organisation with the help (and obstruction) of the CIA director and the complications that come with international politics.

Also starring in this movie are a few other Nokia phones and to show it was not an exclusive product placement, there was also a clear shot of a Blackberry as well and a Samsung(?) mobile to blow up the building at the beginning of the movie. Have a look next time but don't forget to enjoy the movie :) What other movies have you seen starring the Nokia E65 or other phones?

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  1. The phone is not an E65 if you watch the camera on the back of the phone in the movie it doesn't match up and the nokia website doesn't have black and silver bezel for that phone either.