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Friday, November 7, 2008

McDonalds Free WIFI - What you need to know

As mentioned in an earlier post, free wireless internet is coming to McDonalds stores in Australia. At My E65 we look at the nitty-gritty of these things so here are some questions you may be wondering.

What's the limit?
There is a 50Mb per session download restriction at the moment. This is clearly displayed on the redirect page that is presented after you accept the T&Cs and counts down your remaining allowance. This includes uploads and downloads.

How long can I idle?
10 minutes then you just need to go through the terms and conditions again.

Time limit?
None at the moment.

Where is Free McDonalds WIFI available currently?
20 locations in Sydney currently. See the map here

Looking ahead:
• NSW/ACT Mid October Late November
• VIC/TAS Late November Late December
• QLD/NT Late December Late January
• SA/WA Late January Late February

How will I know when my McDonalds is enabled?
There will be a blue sign or something like that nice and obvious in the store to let you know. Don't worry, they really do want you to know and this will become apparent.

What can't I access?
Peer-to-Peer downloads like torrents. McDonalds also does not want you to access porn or other socially unacceptable and immoral content. There will be people working on providing safe family access to the McDonalds Internet. Terms and conditions will be there for you to read (if you choose).

Finally and most importantly, will it work on My E65?
I don't live in Sydney so I can't find out for you. Perhaps someone already has? Should be able to anyway.

The extended version of this FAQ can be found here.

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