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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

E63 v E71?? What CNET users say

The battle rages on in many people's minds wondering what phone to upgrade to. I found this review by isaac976 from the CNET website which sums up my observations as well regarding why some may choose to go with Nokia E63 even with the power of the E71.. I'll add comments in brackets where appropriate:

Rating: 9 out of 10 (Spectacular)
Pros: I really give thumbs up to this phone, I feel its even better than the E71
Cons: there is nothing, unless u consider not having GPS as a con, Singapore dont bring this in

Before you go saying why I say this is better than the E71, I have both and I have used both so here is my review on the E63, short and simple

Feeling: very nice hold and feel, its because I compared it to my blackberry curve, nearly the same size but this is longer SLIGHT bit, I didnt like my E71, but its actually the same phone

Battery : dont even mention it, superb battery life, have been downloading app for the new phone using GPRS, have been trying the radio for about 10 mins, tried internet radio etc..etc.. and after like 5 hours with my MSN still turned on.. there is still 3 quarter left. Will load movies in and see how long it will last, I am guessing pretty darn long (yeah longest battery life I've tested except maybe E90.. certainly better than E65 :P)

Camera: impressive better than the E71 which sucks and have that problem of the purple haze tint when you take pic, will upload and see how's the quality turns out (not the best camera I agree)

Keyboard: feel abit plasticky and not really rubber, has that sqeaky feel when fingers move on the keyboard, but I am ok. (its good though)

Why I used this phone to my E71: its because of the 3.5mm jack. I listen to music all the time and watch movies, the E71 has its own proprietry jack and i hate those, and about the GPS, who use's phone gps anyway, go get a real Garmin or TomTom, if budgets the problem there is the local brand call Shinco, works relatively good as well, You will know the difference of using a phone GPS and a Real GPS. Phone GPS is just a gimmick and novelty for those who dont use GPS (GPS is quite useful though.. you don't realise how good it is until u start using it all the time.. but if that isn't your thing.. go for the E63 and its 3.5mm headphone jack)

Read more about the Nokia E63 here.

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  1. Thanks for the review, for some reason i felt like you really knew what you were talkin about....cheers

  2. as gor gps..i'd used google maps v.3 on my E63..superb, although using gprs/wifi as a even know where u are, and having E63 instead of E71 is probably my wisest choice thus far!

  3. Just bought it, waiting for it to get delivered. I have read that the back light for the keys suck, is this true?

  4. I do agree about battery life but I am not sure why did you say E65 camera is impressive.
    I live in japan and my 6 years old sony ericsson I got here for only a yen still has a better camera than E65!!!

    E65 camera is so bad, it useless for QR code’s size here in japan. Japanese QR code is so tinny some even smaller than 1cm x 1cm, and all phone’s camera here can handle it no problem, but not the E65’s camera for sure. Try it with 2cm x 2cm already and it can not read.

    If E65 camera is better than E71 as you said, man! I can’t imagine how bad It will be!

    E65 wireless connection is also very bad. Try skyp call on that phone you will see I am talking about.

    the processor is very slow for this phone. i hate it.

  5. The E63 camera has been downgraded from the 3.2MP AF camera on the E71 to the 2MP fixed focus camera. The camera quality is below average. The lack of autofocus makes the situation worse. The pictures taken appear greenish and have high noise levels. There is an LED flash which can be used as a flashlight and I believe this is the first time in a Nokia that the camera flash can be used as a flashlight.
    Nokia E63 Review