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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How do I speed up my E65?

Just to give you an idea how many people wondering this, could everyone who came from google, please reply with a short comment below? I am quite sure that most E65 users have posed this question. 

Here are some ways to speed up your Nokia E65. 

Applications Don't have unnecessary programs running in the background. For example, I hardly ever use my wireless keyboard but having this program in the background will take up memory as it waits for a connection from my keyboard... so there is no point having it on all the time.

Uninstalling applications that you tried once but never will use again would also help.

Restarts I am not sure whether this will work but generally, if you always have your phone on, your phone may accumulate a lot of "temp" files which slows down the phone. You should make an effort to turn off and turn on your phone every few days. 

Lots of SMS? Someone may want to comment on this but I am quite sure that if you delete your inbox of SMS dating back to 2007, your phone will run much faster with texting. There are programs which will speed up your SMS retrieval such as SMSDiary which was reviewed a few months on here. 

Picture backgrounds Looked great the first few days but after a while, picture backgrounds get a little passe and just use up memory for questionable gain. 

MP3 Ringtones See picture backgrounds. This may also be another way of saving memory, though like the other suggestions above, these are merely suggestions. 

Your experiences? What has helped you speed up your E65?

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  1. The only slowness I find with my E65 is when messsages start to take a long time to display. As you suggested, the fix is always to clear the inbox out. More than a couple of hundred messages and things start to degrade.

  2. @Jared usually the case is that the memory card speed is the problem rather than the application

  3. does anyone or anonymous have suggestions as to a fast Memory card brand for Nokia phones?

  4. Hi, can you email me because i need to know what is wireless keyboard actually, and i'm using e90 and like to use the wireless keyboard but i dont know is it a bluetooth or infrared keyboard... thanks a lot for good info bro...

  5. I only just got my e65, and even with nothing installed, and the default theme, it's really slow to go in and out of menus, and just basic operation in general. so is my friend's. Maybe it just doesn't have the hardware to run the s60 operating system properly? Is there any way to replace that with something a bit zippy-er??

  6. Hey Anonymous,

    Where did you buy your phone? Most people would not have the problem that you have described so I would go back to the place your bought it and get them to have a look.

    Also try type in *#0000# on your phone and see what version comes up. You may need to upgrade your firmware which you can do by going to the website.

  7. @myE65: My E65 is running 1.0633.18.01. I've never updated the firmware (obviously) so I was wondering which recent firmware patch seems the most stable? I hear Nokia patches are sometimes buggy and don't come out with fixes till the bug has driven you crazy.

  8. I came from google...Still looking for more tips.

  9. came from google trying to speed up my Nokia E63, it's just too slow. it's takes about 3 minutes from switching it on till it's ready to make a call...