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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Australian Nokia E63 FREE on $29 cap

If you have come to the conclusion that the best phone for you is a Nokia E series, and you can do without the GPS, the best alternative out there for Australian users is the Nokia E63. Recently it has suffered a price plunge and is now being offered for free on the $29 cap with $150 worth of non-three calls, and $160 of calls to three customers.

Three is also offering Nokia E71 for FREE on the $49 cap, dropping the $10/month handset fee today but if you want 1GB data a month free, get the $69 cap or just add $8 to your $49 cap to get 100mb /month which is sufficient for Google Maps and Gmail use.

As reported in PerthHacks, you can get paid $64 for signing up as well. Find out more here.

If I've saved you $64, maybe you can shout me a coffee by clicking on the donate button, thanks :)

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