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Monday, March 9, 2009

Two Day Bug - Google Maps keeps asking/forgetting which access points

This is a tip for those with Google Maps and Gmail problems on your Nokia. Some Nokia phones keep asking for access points to be defined, even though you told the program 10 seconds ago which access point. After hounding me for two days whilst trialling a new Nokia phone, the solution is this:

Go to MENU --> TOOLS --> SETTINGS --> CONNECTION --> DESTINATIONS. Go to Options (left selection key) DEFAULT CONNECTION -->  Choose whatever access point you want programs to use by defauly. When you run Google Maps for Mobile after this, it should load the map without problems. 

This solved one of those bugs that you can't just let go until its fixed. Anyone else spent days on this problem? :)

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  1. Which model of Nokia do you have?
    The path you mentioned is not there in my Nokia E65, it stops at Connections. I don't have Options>Default connection.'

    I am having the same problem with the Gmail client on my Nokia E65.

  2. Sorry, the tip above was more for Nokia N85 phones that I am trialling but with my E65, I didn't have this problem. For the E65, you should be able to go to APPLICATIONS and under options, something about setting a default access point. I don't have my E65 with me at the moment so I'm just guessing..