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Monday, October 13, 2008

Fitness and Sports Workouts with your GPS Nokia Sports Tracker

This is definitely the most interesting program I have tried on the Nokia E71. This program can be downloaded from the Nokia website. It keeps an automatic work-out or training diary calendar of all your workouts every day. You can choose what type of activity you did (eg running, walking, cycling) and there are options for you to define a few other sporting activities (eg adding in martial arts, soccer, swimming etc).

When you start a workout, the program will map out using GPS the route that you took. You can choose to have your phone alert you for every milestone (or laps) you acheived such as every 1km or 2 miles etc by beeping. The program will record how fast you ran or walked over time and show you a graph of your workout speed. It also records how long your workout went for (you can also pause your workout for whatever reason), how far you traveled, max speed, average speed, max "pace", average "pace and how long you took for each lap. Speed v Distance and Speed v Time is also recorded and graphed out for you.

Trying this program on the E71 was quite amazing! It really helps one to motivate and get into doing more exercise. You can compare your past workouts each day and also export the results to XML or even to Google Earth! You can also replay the route that you took and zoom in on the map that was created by your movements. If you have a GPS enabled Nokia phone, it is definitely worth using Nokia Sports Tracker - free to download on any nokia website.

Add your Sports tracker login name in the comments below.

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  1. thank u r information

    it very useful

  2. Will it work with E65 pairing with a bluetooth GPS receiver?

  3. sure will work with that.

    Thanks Matthew