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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Application won't load up, what's wrong?

We all understand that phones trying to be computers can sometimes run into their limitations. Sometimes you may install a program and when you try to run it, you are rejected back to the applications menu. "Great, the program doesn't work... I'll blog about how Nokia Email is a fail". Before you do that, try closing some applications. Some programs are polite to report that the reason why they are not opening is because of a lack of memory. Some just act as nothing happened. You may be surprised how much memory even just the Web browser can take up. Once you have closed some other applications, try opening the program again.

This may seem to be an obvious tip but for many of you out there, this may explain why your favourite app is working for other people and not for you.

To see a list of pretty good applications for your nokia E65, go to this post. Its an old list so feel free to add more applications in the comments.

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