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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why blog about mobiles? Part 2

It was quite a while ago when I first wrote about why I write about Nokia tips. Another question is, how do readers keep bloggers sharing their thoughts and experiences? Well, one obvious way is to subscribe and read the blog in the first place.

Time poor benefits Many people who read this blog are from professional backgrounds who do not spend hours in one place exploring every facet of the phone. They like the convenience of just googling their problem and get the solution in seconds. If you are being paid $150 / hour in your usual profession, why waste money on find a solution to something when it has already been discovered?

Contribute! Blogs like this one also benefit a lot from your own contributions. Its a way of returning a little of what you got from the blog itself. That's why many people like myself started a blog. How much do we gain from the interconnected world of the internet just from the free contributions of others.

New programs / accessories Some people are so excited about the program that they have created or discovered that the only thing keeping them from becoming a millionaire is their ability to share it with the world. One thing we do allow here is for programmers and companies to offer NFR (not for resale) licenses to trial their application. Also, nothing gets the publicity ball rolling like giving away ten copies of your program to readers of the blog.

M.... What about financially? As you can see, a blog like this has not been paid for by a company (no, surprisingly its not paid for by Nokia). The only financial means is through advertising revenue if you click on the ads and donations. In the two and a half years this blog has been up, only one donation was received for an amount of $5. Do you have any idea how exciting that was for me? Anyway, hope that helps you get an insight on the blogger's perspective on blogs.

PS. a new blog has been started as I've just started using the Nokia E63. You can find it at and don't forget to follow me on twitter.

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