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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Getting online quickly on the Nokia E65

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You are in a rush to look up something online via your phone. Here are some tips to get you online in the quickest possible way with the Nokia E65.

Go directly to 0 (zero). As many of you may already know, there is the shortcut key to get from your standby screen to your internet browser on the Nokia E65 and most other Nokias. Press and hold down zero on the keypad to load up the internet browser.

One strange anomoly which after two years I still haven't figure out is why doing this will give you a different set of bookmarks than when you go through the Menu --> Web option. Any ideas?

Go to address. Strange thing about opera on the Nokia E65 is that it won't let you select Options and Go To Address until your home page is completely loaded (if you have one). To hurry this along, press the right selection key which cancels the download of the page. Now you can press the right selection key and type in the web address that you are dying to get to.

Turn off images. If you are using a WIFI point or you have a very stingy data plan, one way to save money is to turn off images in Settings. This will also make surfing much faster and also much less interesting.

Shortcuts for web browsing on your phone
Press 1 for bookmarks.
Press 2 to search for keywords in the current page.
Press 3 to go to the previous page.
Press 5 to show all open windows.
Press 9 to enter a new web address.
Press 0 to go to your homepage.

Here are more tips about browsing online on your Nokia E65.
If you are looking for some must-bookmark websites for your mobile, have a look at this post.

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  1. Hi, good observation. my guess is that there are two version of web in e65. once is what you do at menu->web. and there other which is activated by "0". it is in menu->media->services.

    I am not sure thought why it is so. and I cannot make "0" to activate the web too....

  2. you may want to try press down and hold down 0 rather than press 0. That will do nothing.

  3. The two browsers on the E65 are one standard web browser (called Web in the menu) and one other browser (called Services in the menu). In FP1 and later devices, the other browser is no longer there.
    Pressing long on the 0 button opens the other browser. On my E50 (which is quite similar to the E65) I noticed that the other browser used a WAP connection, rather than the standard Web connection. Is this the same on your E65??

  4. Is really someone using the E65 web browser instead of Opera-mini/Opera-Mobile?

  5. Hi E65 browser is still being used because when we open a link it will just kick off the browser.

    is there any way to change a default browser in the e65?

    by the way Do you come across fast bluetooth file transfer tool that is good to use? I am using the IE explore copy which I guess is slow.

  6. how can i turn in online mode my nokia E65??
    i tried already the tips they post. but still it doesn't work! can u please help me?

  7. maybe from the network you are using.