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Monday, June 15, 2009

First Look: Nokia E72 adds iphone-esque revisions to Nokia E71

Its so new, the only pic we have is from the Nokia page. :)

The Nokia E72 has just recently been announced by Nokia. According to the Nokia Europe website, the Nokia E72 adds very little to the Nokia E71 but these could be what Nokia fans have been waiting for.

Just like the iPhone S comparisons to the iPhone, the E72 will look very much the same as the Nokia E71, but boasts a more longer lasting battery adding roughly 60 extra hours standby time and 1.5 hrs talk time over the E71.

The other major change is the resolution, going from a 3.2MP on the E71 to a 5MP on the Nokia E72. Internal memory on the phone is up 140MB which is not much in today's world but still much better than the 110MB limit on the E71 (of course, you can always add micro-SD cards to increase capacity - up to 16GB now with the E72). Active noise cancellation has been included in the E72 as well as a 3.5mm headphones jack like the Nokia E63. More on the E72 can be found here.

Included with the phone is a 4GB micro-SDHC card, which didn't come with the E71. One of the fun things about Nokia phones are that they often pack features that are not advertised so we're eagerly awaiting an opportunity to get a closer look at the E72 and discovering the features for the more discerning Nokia user.

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  1. Whooow!!: Screen resolution has also increased to 2592 x 1944.
    Now I can see my HD movies in my phone!
    I think is 320x240 (QVGA)

    PS: It's a great phone!!

  2. Yeah I think you've misquoted the screen resolution for the screen. Even HD TVs can't do that resolution.