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Thursday, May 29, 2008

There's nokia themes, then there are nokia themes

Sometimes you want to make your phone look nicer but there are so many people trying to sell their mods. There are some desktop themes which are pretty good and there are others which you wish you didn't waste the five minutes installing it on your phone and then deleting it again.

To save you some time, have a look at the themes available on this website: If you find one of these particularly awesome and have decided to keep it as your theme, let us know which one you chose. If you have other favourites, please post a comment but PLEASE don't just send a generic website which has 1001 themes, the point of this post is to save people time going through the crap ones. This particular site, the author has done well in paying attention to detail such as the icons etc. Hope you found this useful... more tips can be found by using the search on the right.

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  1. I've got some promblem with the certificates. Their term have expired.

  2. Call me conservative, but I really like the original Mocha Dots theme by Nokia.

  3. Generic website actually exists!