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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Communications Centre Broken? PC Suite on closer inspection

I’ve tried sending SMS with the new Nokia Communications Centre that comes with Nokia PC Suite

Using Bluetooth. I tried to send an SMS but it didn't work. Sometimes the failure will result in the sms being put into the SENT folder and other times it isn’t – even though it has not actually been sent successfully. Wonder whether anyone else has come across this problem. Once the message fails to send, all your sms messages that was visible in the other window suddenly disappear and the computer can’t open up the list of SMS messages unless the program is terminated and restarted. This did not happen with the previous version of PC suite. Also, it seems that the “Incoming Call notification” which is meant to be a new feature in is only available to a limited number of phone models of which I am starting to conclude does not include the E65. Perhaps we should eagerly await PC Suite

Using Cable. Following the Bluetooth experiment, I tried again with a cable connection to the laptop. The SMSes went out ok. Also, a while after an SMS is received, a small speech bubble appears over the nokia icon in the system tray that says "A New Message has been Received". This will happen even if the Communcations Centre is not open (but the PC suite is and the phone is connected). However, even using the cable, the notification of an incoming call does not appear.

If you have tried the new PC Suite, share your experience here. Do you get incoming call notification? Does bluetooth connectivity with PC Suite also send your program crashing? Do you also get the Microsoft Vista "blue circle of death?".

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  1. Overall I found that it is better than the previous version. Specially the new contacts/SMS manager. I haven't tried the SMS notification. The feature I was more excited about, the incoming call notification, did not work in any way. Damn you Nokia... :(

  2. It doesn't work on my E90 either. I would really like the incoming call popup feature. It would help if they would give us a list of phones it works with.

  3. Nokia PC Suite is the most buggy piece of software I have ever has the disfortune of trying to use.

    9 out of 10 features I try to use either don't work at all, or are buggy.

    Nokia should be ashamed of themselves.

    Looks like my next phone will be an iPhone...