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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

3 or 4 Good Reasons to Download PC Suite!

I have downloaded the new Nokia PC Suite The release notes state that the following features are now available with PC Suite.
  • Create, edit, and send contacts and messages with a single easy-to-use application
  • Be informed of incoming calls and new messages received on your computer!
  • Add new entries into your device calendar in the main window of Nokia PC Suite
  • Get Nokia Video Manager installed together with Nokia PC Suite

Download this update here and add your comments below. Some of the features that I have explored include:

1. Add Calendar Entries Now you can update your calendar entries by right clicking on the date and selecting NEW MEETING.

2. New Contacts Organiser The new Nokia Communications Centre is quite a useful means of organising your address book and messages etc. Your address book loads very quickly and the window also shows you how many contacts you have in your address book. Right clicking any of the entries gives you options to EDIT, SEND, DELETE or COPY the contact.

3. Memory Bar Also added is the ability to see the amount of memory avaiable on your phone and your memory card just by hovering your mouse over a memory bar to the left of your phone icon. The worst thing is not realising you have 900k left in your memory and you try to take a once-in-a-lifetime video of a celebrity in your town only to have your video finish with "insufficient memory to continue".

4. Notifying of new calls/messages? I couldn't find in the program where or how you could be notified of incoming calls and new messages as claimed in the release notes. I tried calling my phone but nothing showed up on the PC suite. Neither did an sms sent to my phone show up until I pressed F5 to refresh the SMS list.

If you haven't already downloaded this new PC Suite for your computer, this is certainly an update worth upgrading to. Just hope someone can explain how to make this PC suite show me who's calling me...

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  1. Hello there,

    I installed Nokia PC suite 7.0 I was trying to see the messages which are located on my phone in a new folder on my PC. After researching for some time, here is what I found on PC Suite Help; it says "The My folders folder is not visible in the Messages view of Nokia Communication Center.
    ". Do you have any solution tho this rather than moving each message back to the default folder and then saving them on my PC?

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  3. I have Nokia 7, and did not know of this feature.

    Thats why when I was working, with E65 connected by bluetooth to my PC, I got surprise to see a pop-up, like new email from outlook, warning me up that my mobile was receiving a call" ;)