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Monday, July 21, 2008

New Nokia E66 Where class meets pragmatism and GPS

After a week of trialling the Nokia E66, here are a few other features that stand out for me. Note: All these have been stumbled upon while playing with the phone without reading the manual so there is much more to be discovered with more time. As Mike C said about the E65, the E66 is also a work horse: reliable and equipped with the features you want and the ease of getting to them quickly. For the average business person, this smartphone allows you to answer a call without the embarrassment of looking like you're talking into a brick. That is, if you choose to answer the call rather than just turning the phone over or tapping it.

GPS - The GPS takes minutes rather than seconds to find enough satellites to give you a co-ordinate and you need to be out in the open. However, once you have a lock, using the Nokia GPS software or even better, Google maps, is a lot of fun. Other than the usual applications of GPS, you could use it when you go jogging to see how far and how fast you ran.

Reading SMS by holding down top left selection key while driving or something will have the phone read out your SMS, telling you who sen

Blinking notification of new sms and missed call. For those that may have noticed, I slipped this into my previous post about the new Nokia E66 after I had posted the review so its worth mentioning again. When your phone is on standby, you can choose to make the breathing light pulse urgently when you have received a call/sms. If you wake up in the middle of the night, you can tell immediately by looking at your phone that you have a missed call / new message.

New menu updates shown in the menu system by a round dot. For example, if you install a new application, the application option in the menu will show a new dot to signify that there is something new there.

Share Online options - Ovi, Flickr and Vox have their own links so that you can upload photos you took from your phone straight into one of those websites.

Radio is back For those that still listen to the radio, you will be glad to know the E66 brings back the radio but of course you still need your headset.

Multiple alarms! We talked in an earlier post that for the E65 we need to fill our calendar with alarms in order to have multiple alarms. Nokia has responded with the introduction of multiple alarms so you can have alarms for weekdays only, Saturdays or whatever. However, you still cant choose which alarm tone to use for each individual alarm. So you cant set alarms for Lunch that shout "Lunch time!!!" and another alarm for 23:00 that says "Go to bed!"

NEW! Predictive text for phone numbers? yeah... i just stumbled onto this one. When this feature is turned on, You can press 32843 (DAVID in predictive text mode) on the standby screen and all the Davids in your address book show up. Then press up and select the David you want to call. Nokia has saved us the need to go into the address book :) One keystroke saved!

Nevertheless I have somewhat against you...

Where's the pencil? After giving the iphone so much grief about not being able to cut and paste, it seems like I can't locate the cut and paste feature on the E66! The pencil button which E65 users would know is for copying and pasting, was on the right hand side of the E65. Perhaps someone who reads manuals can answer this one.. EDIT: thanks Rita.. the pencil is now the # key held down (see comments)

If you missed our first look at the Nokia E66's breathing, tapping and rotating features, it can be found here.

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  1. the pen key has been removed and the functionality mapped to the # key. Keep it pressed to access the copy/paste functions

  2. well spotted Rita. Also worth mentioning is that you can turn your bluetooth on and off by pressing and holding * which you couldn't do on the E65.

    ON the standby screen, press and holding down # still takes you to silent mode.

  3. How do you access the predictive text for phone numbers feature. Can't find it anywhere.

  4. just slide upwards then press 5 if you want the j's 3 for d's etc