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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bluetooth not working? Might be busy..

With an increased number of applications vying for the attention of your Nokia phone, there arises a problem more often than usual where different devices all demand the attention of your bluetooth. Sure, bluetooth can allow multiple connections but sometimes that is just not possible. 

If you have a program, for example PC Suite, trying to connect to a phone which is already trying to connect to another program, say Remote S60 professional, the phone will not connect to PC suite. Since I am posting this now, you can rightly conclude that this was my most recent problem. Sometimes two programs or devices (handsfree earpiece, wireless keyboard, GPS dongle) will demand the same type of connection with the bluetooth phone and cause a conflict. 

So if you find a conflict.. disconnect one program or device and try the other device again. It will probably work now... did it? 

If you have noticed combinations that have worked together well please leave a comment here for the benefit of those trawling Google for an answer. Likewise, if the source of your frustration was two devices/programs trying to connect at the same time, let everyone know before they tear the rest of their hair out. Blogs like this only work with your participation :)

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