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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nokia's dominance in America slipping

Hands up those that are logging on from North America? Most likely there are not many of you if the recent article from Fortune Magazine suggests. For those that are interested in Nokia's global marketing, this will be an interesting read for you.

To stay No. 1 in high-end cellphones, the Finnish phonemaker has to take on Apple and RIM on their home turf. So far it hasn't got a foothold.

(Fortune Magazine) -- A few hours before the global launch of Nokia's latest high-end phone, the company gave a sneak peek at the gadget to a dozen bloggers and journalists gathered at its swank Midtown Manhattan concept store. With an elegant touchscreen that slid open to reveal a full keyboard, the device (Nokia N97 - not out yet) evoked lust in even the iPhone disciples present.

So when can we get it in the U.S.? The company's answer: "Globally, sometime in the first half of 2009." The U.S. launch will come after that. No carrier has been announced. In other words, just about never.

There's no disputing Nokia's dominance in the cellphone market. With sales of $70 billion, it holds 40% of the market globally. Interbrand ranked it the world's fifth-most-valuable brand, behind the likes of Coca-Cola and IBM. In parts of rural India, Nokia (NOK) is to "phone" what Kleenex is to "tissue": a synonym.

But in North America, despite a marketing blitz that includes two new American concept stores, a series of popular Nokia music venues, and a flashy billboard campaign peppering New York City's subways, Nokia's market share has slid to just 8% from 15% two years ago, according to research outfit IDC.

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Where do you think Nokia could do better?

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