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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rolling into Windows 7? Read this first to get PC Suite Working

Windows 7 dafault wallpaper
The new Windows 7 may be an itch you are begging to scratch but before you do, make sure you know how to get Nokia PC Suite running on WIndows 7.

1. Download the full installation package to your Desktop in Windows 7

2. DO NOT run your Nokia PC Suite installation in a normal way. If you do, PC Suite will say the program was not intended for this version of Windows and some have said this means you cannot try the above fix in retrospect.

3. INSTEAD.. right click on the installer and choose "Troubleshoot Compatibility" (a new Windows 7 'fix'). In the wizard, choose the option "This ran in a previous version of Windows" AND the "this application requires additional permissions". Then, choose Vista as the Windows system that it operated on before.

This goes for anything else from which was never intended for Windows 7.

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