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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Your E65 Most Useless Button

What would be the most useless button on the Nokia E65? This may be a funny question to ask but to Nokia developers this can be a very useful question for future models. For me, it would have to be one of the keys which cannot be redefined. I'm looking in particular at the conference button (top left to the navi key). I've never used that function and I am not sure if anyone reading these posts have either.

What I like about the new Nokia E66 and E71 is that each key is not only customisable but they have two uses. If you press the key once, it will act as a shortcut to, say, Google Maps. If you press and hold down the button, you will be able to navigate to another program, for example, Nokia SportsTracker.

One of the best buttons? I would say the pencil button on the right of the phone. When you want to copy and paste something from one program to another, you can hold the pencil down and select the portion that you want to copy. Unfortunately this does not work for Gmail application. When you forward or reply a Gmail email on your phone, you can't copy / paste from the original email that you are replying / forwarding.

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  1. I agree with you. The conf button is useless and the mute key too, as it's used only during the call and turns dummy in standby.
    And E65 has its disadvantages, as a slider, the 4 way navi and other keys on front gets used and abused very often. So much so that the silver coating on my E65 has gone showing the plastic beneath.
    As I started to use T9 Nav, I slide open to use the num key pad, this has reduced the abuse of top keys.

  2. total disagree...:-) I like the conf button !